Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Is this science, commerce, or religion?

Private rocket ship aims for space prize

MOJAVE, California (Reuters) -- A three-seat rocket plane with stubby wings and a nose studded with round windows will try to blast out of Earth's atmosphere above the Mojave desert on Wednesday to qualify for a $10-million prize designed to spur commercial space travel.

The Ansari X Prize will go to the first team to build a spacecraft without government help, launch three people or their weight equivalent at least 62 miles straight up, then repeat the feat with the same craft within two weeks.

SpaceShipOne, the first to try for the prize, was built by aircraft designer Burt Rutan's company, Scaled Composites, and financed by Microsoft Corp. co-founder Paul Allen.

Watching a piece on this, this morning, on the news, I realized that the old world is falling away beneath us all now, and the old religions will not be able to compete - at least, not in their present form. What could the story possibly consist of? Jesus as Rocket Man? God=mc2? Ayn Rand may win, after all: the engineer as diety.

Ve=sqrt(2G*M/R), alleluia, alleluia!

Next: Leviathan Tours, Inc. Accompany the whales in the Sea-pod Swimmer Angelfish, as they migrate to their southern breeding range! I'll get right on this.....

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